Market Direct Data Guarantee

Deliverability Guarantee

We are so confident in our Data that we offer this Guarantee: 
Your mail will reach your target market 95% of the time or we will pay for it!
Market Direct Data-compiled mailing addresses are guaranteed deliverable. If your deliverability rate is below 95%, we will reimburse you $.40 cents for mail pieces that are non deliverable and put you below the 95% guaranteed rate. For example: if you mail out 100 pieces and 7 are non deliverable or returned because of an invalid address we will reimburse you for 2 mail pieces.

How does the guarantee work?
Within 90 days from your invoice date, send us any mail pieces returned by the post office due to an invalid address with Market Direct Data physician, dentist or chiropractor addresses and we'll refund you $.40 cents per piece. Call your Market Direct Data representative at (385) 404-8055 for instructions on mailing your pieces back.

- The guarantee applies to one mailing within 30 days of invoice. It doesnt apply to multiple list uses.
- Undeliverable mail must be returned to us within 90 days of the invoice.
- Only Market Direct Data physician, dentist or chiropractor databases are within the guarantee. Third-party brokered lists do not qualify.
- Our guarantee doesnt apply to lists purchased for telemarketing, fax and email.
- Market Direct Data is never liable for any other damages or losses incurred through the use of the list(s) provided.
- Market Direct Data reserves the right to verify that addresses used were obtained from Market Direct Data databases.
- In no event shall Market Direct Data liability exceed the actual fee paid by the customer for their list(s).

What restrictions apply to the guarantee?
Our guarantee applies only to first-time use of a list. It does not apply to reused lists or lists used for more than one purpose. We don't offer refunds for USPS errors or for user mistakes that cause the return of deliverable mail.
Do I have to return the entire mail piece?
No. You may return the entire piece or only the portion that has the address on it. If it was mailed in an envelope, just return the envelope. If the address is printed directly on a promotional piece, then the page where the address appears can be returned.
How will I receive the credit?
An email will be sent to you identifying the amount of credit you will receive toward your account.
What if Mail is Refused?
Refused mail or mail returned to sender isnt considered undeliverable if the address is correct.

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