Frequently Asked Questions

Susan Sperry
How do I purchase? 
You can purchase by building your list online and paying with credit card. Click here to build your list. You can also pay by invoice.

Can I purchase by Invoice?
Yes. Contact us directly to discuss your needs or email  purchase order and our customer support will contact you. Once we have received payment the data will be made available to you.

In what format do I receive the data?
You will recieve the data in a universally accepted CSV file.

What is the Guarantee?
Our guarantee is outlined on the Guarantee page. Just click to learn more.

How accurate is your data?
Our data is incredibly accurate. However, revisions to the data is constantly underway to make sure it is current and accurate. Many changes occur throughout any given year due to office relocation and changing phone numbers.

Where do you get your Physician List marketing data?
We get our data at the source. While where we get our data is a trade secret, we guarantee that our data comes from multiple authorities on U.S. Physicians, Dentists, and Chiropractors.

How often do you update your data?
As mentioned earlier, we are constantly updating and revising our data as known changes become available.

How can I obtain a sample of your data?
Just click on the Download Sample Data link on the home page 

When and how do I obtain my data?
As soon as your order is processed, instructions will be emailed to you and the data will be available for you to download immediately.

What are the laws associated with marketing to these contacts?
The CAN-SPAM Act and the DNC Registry Act are laws that we expect our customers to be familiar with before using our data.

What format does your data come?
You can use our powerful online data management tools, or export the data to CSV.

Are you compliant with DNC laws?
Yes, our data is DNC compliant.
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